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Without Precedent: The Supreme Life of Rosalie Abella

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Rosalie Abella was appointed at 29 as the youngest judge in Canadian history and leaves the Supreme Court as its longest-serving current member. As Canada’s first Jewish female Supreme Court Justice, Abella reflects on a career that made her a human rights hero. Considered by some as the “Canadian RBG,” Abella has been at the forefront of powerful and at times controversial legal decisions on employment equity, same sex marriage, constitutional law, and many more landmark cases. With a perspective and point of view shaped from being born in a displaced persons camp following the Holocaust and an immigrant to Canada at the age of 4 — Abella has dedicated her monumental career to serving many marginalized communities during her years on the bench, and commands respect across the global political spectrum, internationally.

Studio: Melbar Entertainment Group
Producers: Barry Avrich, Mark Selby
Running Time: 80 minutes
Trailer: Watch trailer

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